Do you want Milo Yiannopoulos to speak at NYU?

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As recently announced on his website┬áMilo Yiannopoulous, senior editor at conservative news outlet Breitbart, will be touring around universities in the US this fall on his “Dangerous Faggots” tour, and he will be stopping by NYU on the 17th of November.

If you haven’t already guessed simply from the name of this tour, Milo has been preaching his conservative message with vigor for some time now, and has been called out by his critics for his offensive writings on the Muslim community, women among many others. Recently he made a splash when his tour demands came public. These demands included, to name a few, portraits of Princess Diana and Donald Trump in his dressing room; the release of 50 white doves upon his entrance and a fine if any venue played Adele music.

Sounds like a treat right? But we want to now what NYU students think? Let us know by answering the poll, and if you think that the question doesn’t capture fully all your feelings towards this issue and want your opinions to be featured in a future article, email [email protected] with your name, age and school within NYU.