NYU look of the day: Mare Arundel

‘Buy things that aren’t trending’


Name Mare Arundel.

Age 18.

Hometown Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey.

School/Major CAS, Pre-Med.

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Tell me about when you first started getting into fashion.

I first showed an interest in fashion my sophomore year of high school because my friend Karen had a really cool Tumblr, and that was the platform that I looked through and saw all these really cool minimalistic styles. But I didn’t really start buying quality clothes until this year, because coming to the city, and seeing so many people just extremely fitted, inspired me to start dressing better.


Alpha Industries MA-1 flight jacket 

Has your style evolved since coming to college in New York?

Oh yeah, most definitely! Senior year, I worked at Abercrombie and I would just buy clothes from there because I would get a 50 per cent discount. I’m very happy to say that’s not me anymore.


SoHo, Manhattan

What inspires your style choices, are there any particular brands or designers that you follow?

Yes, I follow Heron Preston and Virgil Abloh, I think their styles are really cool. Also a lot of internet famous people. There’s this one girl named Eileen, her instagram is @killerandasweetthang, and also Sarah Snyder.  They both have very unique fashion senses that I draw inspiration from.

And then brands that serve basics without reducing their quality, like Citizens of Humanity, J Brand, and Alexander Wang.


Citizens of Humanity jeans

How would you describe your personal aesthetic?

I guess my aesthetic comes from who I am. I’ll wake up in the morning and just wear whatever I can find on my floor that looks and feels good. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the coolest outfit ever. I really like buying shirts from vintage stores and having unique pieces of clothing. My favorite shirt was $5 from a store in the Lower East Side.


Zara suede button-up 

So using and reusing key items in different ways, working them into a variety of looks.

Yeah, sometimes with that shirt I’ll go out and dress it up with boots, then I’ll dress it down with just like a basic pair of jeans and my favorite pair of Vans.


Out From Under bodysuit

Are there any trends going on right now that make you think are awful?

I can name a lot because I really hate bandwagon items and trends. People who still wear the very low, slim fit Vans, that’s an automatic indicator that you have no idea what you’re doing. Only a few people can rocks Tim(berland)s, same with Stan Smiths, unless they’re more interesting, like a collaboration. I hate the basic Stan Smiths. I could go on.


Sam Edelman boots

All the trends that people hop onto without actually caring.

Definitely, like people who wear American Apparel crop tops, with high-waisted jeans, and Tims. That’s an atrocity, I don’t know how anyone thinks that looks good.

Yeah, I feel like it moved from Juicy sweatsuits and Uggs to this, just worst thing after worst thing.

That’s why I feel like it’s best to buy things that aren’t trending, even though a few trending pieces are really cool, because trends will become overused or eventually go out of style. If you buy quality pieces, you can wear them all the time, and not have to worry if they’ll be lame in a few months.


Fossil watch

I know you’re on the pre-med track, but do you hope to work with modeling or styling at all in the future?

It’s not my plan, but if somewhere along the path of my life I end up working with a fashion company, even if it’s just an internship at a magazine or store, that would be an ultimate dream of mine. The concepts behind different brands are starting to get more and more complex, especially with a lot of streetwear going on right now. I just think fashion is really interesting.


Best piece of fashion advice you would give someone else?

I would say create a mood board, or an inspiration board, or something where you can look at multiple styles in fashion, and choose which you like best, and then channel your inspiration from there, from outfits you see that you like. It doesn’t have to be the same pieces at all, but maybe try to emulate the style and the vibe that is given off.


Featuring Mare Arundel

Photography by Matthew Babcox


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