Get FREE Bernie Sanders ice cream in Union Square today

I bet it tastes like affordable education

Starting from 5 p.m today, Ben & Jerry’s are handing out their own Bernie Sanders’ style ice cream – “Bernie’s Yearning” – for FREE in Union Square.

The founders of the Ben and Jerry’s, Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, are such fans of fellow Brooklynite Bernie Sanders that they have created a new ice cream just for him. The ice cream is mint chocolate chip flavour in which, according to the Gothamist,”all the chips have somehow floated to the top”. What this actually means is that the ice cream comes topped with a chocolate disk that the consumer can break into pieces and mix into the ice cream. Dreamy.

The duo have been massive supporters of Bernie although in the past, the company have never wanted to be involved in politics. They told NPR that “We’ve never campaigned for another presidential candidate before because there’s never been a presidential candidate worth campaigning for before”.

Bernie even went on the View in February and tasted his ice cream and it got the Sanders stamp of approval:

Who better to get free, Bernie Sanders ice cream than poor NYU students?

And I bet it tastes like Socialist revolution and debt-free education.