BSU Hosts NYU BLACKOUT for #ConcernedStudent1950 and #Solidarity

BLACKOUT NYU is an event organized by BSU in response to other protests across college campuses rallying against institutionalized racism, cultural appropriation and other forms of racial discrimination and marginalization surrounding student life.

NYU Blackout calls for minority students and allies to stand in solidarity with the acts of resistance at the University of Missouri, Columbia, Yale, Ithaca College and other campuses around the nation.

Today in Kimmel, there is a poster on which people can sign their names in solidarity with the movement, and another poster titled “NYU Diversity Policy Proposals” hopes to inspire people to voice their thoughts.

BSU representative Aaliyah Jihad said the Policy Proposal ideas “make people challenge what they’ve gotten used to”.

At 6.15pm there will be a gathering on the stairs with speeches and a discussion to finalize the event.

Aaliyah adds: “It’s important to not just sit back…Black Lives Matter needs a resurgence.”

Blackout NYU is significant because it serves to remind us: “It’s easy to settle back into your normal life when movements lose their initial excitement.”

Aaliyah wants people to know Blackout NYU matters “because if it’s happening to them… it’s happening to us.”

Let’s hope events like these can stimulate a productive change on campuses, and inspire students who will soon be the leaders and producers around the world.

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