In praise of all the talented musicians here at NYU

We salute you

NYU has quite the reputation when it comes to academics. However, its musical and artistic reputation holds a much larger significance than any statistic could accurately represent.

It is home to successes such as A Great Big World, Lady Gaga, Anna Sophia Robb, Anne Hathaway, James Franco and so many more. When it comes to the arts we’re no joke.

I am a musician here at NYU. I’ve seen the toll these creative programs take on the student body. They are rigorous. They are strenuous. They are time consuming and non-forgiving. But I can promise you that where I was a year ago — where any NYU musician was a year ago — is vastly different than where they’re now because of them.


The Misters

One of the most rewarding parts of the musical program is meeting such incredible artists, and knowing one day they will probably tour the world with the same fan base Ed Sheeran (or any other pop icon for that matter) has.

Mind you, these are artists we know as friends from class (The Misters, Aviv Goldgeier, Vaughn Hunt, Karina Noel, Eden Hana) the list goes on and I wish I could talk about them all.


I could spend hours sitting here and writing up reports on how proud and impressed I am of individual bands and artists I’ve heard from this school, but that wouldn’t do anybody any justice.

Mainly this is because for every musician I write about, there are twenty others who I haven’t referenced – they should be recognized for their talent and hard work.


This article isn’t a promotion for specific bands and artists.

This is intended to make you proud of the school you go to. An article to make you want to go out and appreciate the five dollar shows you get to see with artists talented enough to be charging thirty five dollars per ticket, if not more.

If you are reading this as a student living in the city, you are blessed.

Acknowledge it. Revel in it. Take advantage of it.

And don’t you dare let these musicians pass you by. You’ll regret not giving them the time of day.

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