How much is it actually costing you to skip class at Notre Dame?

Missing one class is the same price as 41 nights out at Feve…

It’s 32 degrees out in South Bend and your dorm window is frosted shut.  You forgot to do laundry and the only clean pair of pants you have is the one you wore to sleep.  You’re more than a little hungover–you’ve made Salsa’s an every-Wednesday thing despite your 9:20 class on Thursday, for which you are currently late.  If you’re like me, that sneaking thought is always there: Why not skip?

Is it any wonder we skip class sometimes?  Personally, I’m surprised I make it there at all.  It’s easy to claim you’re not missing out academically–and if you have one of those professors who share their slides, maybe you’re even right.  But have you ever considered the financial cost of your 75 minutes of free time?  Let us break it down for you.

This year, the average cost of tuition at Notre Dame is $49,685, not including room and board, textbooks or transportation.  This comes out to about $24,843 per semester.  (Sorry for reminding you!)

The typical full-time student at Notre Dame takes 15 credits per semester (yes, we know about you, you overachieving 19-credit behemoth.) This comes out to $4,969 per course per semester, assuming all your courses are 3 credits.  With an average of 15 weeks per semester, each class meeting twice per week (Tuesday/Thursday) totals $166 per class period.

I personally like to visualize dollar amounts in terms of what they can actually buy me, so here’s a list.  For every time you skip your Thursday morning lecture, you’re throwing away the equivalent of:

21 Chipotle burritos. With guac.

Seven cases of beer. Almost enough for a not-terrible dorm party!

1 pair of L.L. Bean’s finest Bean Boots. (If you’re as committed as most Domers are to the preppy lumberjack look.)

92 tall Starbucks coffees. (If you’re extra basic, you can always opt for the slightly less cost-effective option of 39 pumpkin spice lattes.)

572 packs of Ramen. This one is just ridiculous. With that many packs of Ramen, you could resell them at a low markup and become an entrepreneur.  A Ramentrepreneur?  I’ll see myself out…

A little more than a half-ounce of weed (…according to Colorado dispensary prices.  Street prices may vary, except at Notre Dame, where the point is essentially moot anyway.)

So next time you wake up with one hand on the snooze button, think again about what you’re giving up. Is it really worth 41 nights out at Feve (not including transportation) to spend the morning in bed?

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