What I’m going to miss about my freshman year

I’m already looking forward to coming back in the fall

Everyone remembers the first time they walked on to their college campus as an “official” student.

The first day of Freshman Orientation (now known as Welcome Weekend) there were screaming upperclassmen from your dorm ferociously moving all of your carefully picked out bedding and belongings into a small dorm room where you would reside for the next nine months. It was undoubtedly an overwhelming moment full of excitement, nerves, and tears.

Now that freshman year is coming to a close, I realize when seemingly everyone says that freshman year is the best and they wish they could be a freshman again — they were not kidding. Sure, being a freshman has its ups and downs but, looking back, I am really going to miss my first year of study.


Everything about Notre Dame was completely new.

The walk to class was a mission to find the fastest way possible and finding friends to accompany you along the way. The art of navigating and trying out new spaces in the library to find the perfect study place. Getting assigned your first college paper or even assignment was exhilarating rather than just another day on the grind. Seeing the sunset over the dome for the first time, affirming that Notre Dame really is the most beautiful campus on the planet. Doing laundry for the first time was fun! Your first football game and tailgate experience showed the true meaning of the word marathon. Even the quirks of your dorm and dorm-mates were all a grand new part of your college experience.


Each aspect of every day had an unexpected charm, eliciting an amount of excitement over simply day-to-day activities that, now, I often take for granted.

Being on your own for the first time. Freshman year is the first step towards actual adulthood. You have now successfully fed and clothed yourself and still have been able to get your work done.

While this may seem like a minor accomplishment, freshman year is your first taste of FREEDOM (under the restrictions of 12AM weekday and 2AM weekend parietals). Your parents are not going to be watching your every move (now you have your rector and RA’s to do that). You are independent and growing into your own person and this year has been fundamental, whether you realize it now or not, in shaping the individual you are becoming.

Another plus is you are not (totally) sick of the dining hall food — enough said.


The naivety. There is a certain amount of leverage in being a freshman and it is pretty commonly known that you do some of the dumbest, and I mean the dumbest things freshman year. Luckily, through just being a freshman it’s like having a free pass: “They’re is a freshman, they didn’t know any better.” You can get lost or not know where a building is or crash that party you weren’t invited to without many repercussions at all. Really, being a freshman is the best excuse in the book.

Freshman year also provided the perfect excuse to miss out on things because you had the whole rest of the year, as well as three more years, to try it later.

Well, now it is the end of freshman year…have you done everything you’ve wanted to do?


The good news is you do still have three more years but, as this year has clearly evidenced, time is the only certainty in this world, always passing without notice and it won’t wait for you so go out there and start appreciating and living college life to the fullest.

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