An ode to Burger King, Notre Dame’s king of value

RIP to the best bang for your buck on campus

Most Notre Dame students erupted in celebration last night when Student Government announced that Burger King, long the object of derision, would be replaced in the fall by Smashburger.

I was not one of them.

No line! (Though there really should be)

No line! (Though there really should be)


And it has little do with Smashburger. Though I’ve never had a Smashburger, it seems like a pretty good restaurant.

Why 100 upvotes?? Do you hate saving money?

Why 100 upvotes?? Do you hate saving money?

No, the reason that I was filled with sorrow rather than joy is that I firmly believe that Burger King is the most underrated food option on campus.

Whenever lunchtime hit and I needed a quick meal between classes, I knew I could count on BK. I knew I could walk straight to the front of the non-existent line and begin eating my meal within minutes, all while my classmates languished in line outside Subway.

My order? Two Rodeo Burgers and a side of fries. The price? Less than $3.50.

Burger King's value menu prices

Burger King’s value menu prices

That’s right. I could enjoy a full meal for a little over three flex points. Short of Quarter Dogs (and maybe Taco Bell), BK’s value menu was far and away the best bang for your buck on Notre Dame’s campus. While Subway and Reckers charge around $8 for a full meal, I always knew I could enjoy two burgers and fries for less than half the price.

The BK food was good, cheap, reliable, and fast. While it might not have been the healthiest option, it was hardly more heart attack inducing than Subway or Taco Bell.

Smashburger, meanwhile, has no value menu to speak of

Smashburger, meanwhile, has no value menu to speak of

Smashburger’s food will no doubt be of a higher quality. But get ready for longer waits and higher prices.

Look, I have nothing against Smashburger.   And I don’t deny that more reasonable hours would have done wonders for BK. It’s just been a constant source of bafflement for me that ND students don’t appreciate the good food and exceptional prices and speed of BK.

So as your flex points dwindle during finals week, consider forgoing a $6.85 Reckers pizza. Order a meal off of BK’s value menu for just a couple of bucks. Receive it within minutes. And enjoy that delicious burger as a farewell to the most underappreciated food under the Golden Dome.

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