UNC’s Silent Sam statue torn down by protesters

Starting the school year off by making headlines

The Confederate statue that has been on Carolina's campus since 1913 was brought to the ground Monday evening. A crowd of over 300 protesters gathered on campus and used a rope to topple the infamous statue.

Police were on the scene and surrounded the statue after it was brought down. The protest included a march that temporarily blocked Franklin Street.

The hashtag #SilenceSam was previously created in attempt to get the Confederate statue removed and with tonight's event has attracted lots of attention on social media.

A major catalyst for the destruction of the statue was the punishment of a UNC student Maya Little who vandalized Silent Sam with paint and her own blood earlier this year.

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The Facebook event for "a demonstration against Silent Sam and white supremacy"

Tomorrow is the first day of class for the Tarheels so that should be interesting.

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