Wolfpack fans are bringing their A-game to the basketball arena with signs that troll the competition

Basketball season brings out the best in people

With the incredible success the 2017-2018 Men's Basketball has had so far this season, the fans are winners in their own right, creating signs to show off in PNC Arena that put the opposition to shame.

If you don't follow college sports, you can keep up with the drama via student-made signs.

For example, if society gives us a stupid trend, we use it to our advantage. After all, we all know ol' Roy probably does eat Tide Pods.

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And if poetry is your thing, show it off with a traditional "roses are red" style poem.

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What is a rival?

When jerk face Joel Berry insults your team, give him the education he fails to receive otherwise.

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Ultimately, we just like to take advantage of every opportunity there is to make fun of UNC. It's an art form.

This particular fan appeared in our coverage of sports signs last year and he impressed us once again.

Also like last year, someone decided to taunt Chapel Hill for not having a CookOut. Regardless the score, at the end of the day we will always have our Double Burger trays. Some people aren't fortunate to know that joy.

Honorable mention

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This photo was taken at the Backyard Brawl hockey game, but it is definitely worth mentioning. This conspiracy theory has existed since late 2015 when Sushi Nine went down in flames. All I'm saying is he doesn't have an alibi for the night of the fire.

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