Here’s a list of all the drama surrounding this weekend’s loss to Clemson

Just in case you need more reasons to be mad

Twitter and the rest of the internet have been one big ball of fire since Saturday night. While some are getting annoyed and posting "Let it Go" gifs, others are just getting started.

There are conspiracies surrounding the game, as well as a few good pranks that no one really noticed until afterwards. So, to help you either build a better argument or know when to shut up, we've compiled the most interesting posts about the game.


If you haven't heard about this yet, you're way behind. Following the game, Coach Doeren was shown a photo of a supposedly 'illegal' laptop on Clemson's sideline. It was said the laptop was there for updating social media, but we all know that's a load of bull.

Good ol' Dabo explained the problem away, as we would expect. The ACC ruled they were "satisfied with the explanation" given by Clemson that no coaches were using the laptop.

This leads to another complaint many NC State fans have, the ACC's bias towards Clemson.

ACC favoring Clemson

This conversation could go on forever, but we'll keep it short. For multiple years, the referees have been accused of making bogus calls in favor of Clemson, which was a major issue this weekend. Although State was definitely guilty of the last penalty of the game (the illegal shift), a strong argument could be made on quite a few of the other calls.

The internet (mostly UNC fans) are bashing State fans for accusing the refs of favoritism, but if you've been around for a few years you know this is a reoccurring issue for State. The refs are never consistent when calling this matchup.

Chubb stealing Bryant's towel

I don't care who you are, this is hilarious. Childish? Yes. But football is an extremely psychological sport, so why not screw with the opponent?

If he does this again, there's a chance he might get reprimanded. Either way, #ChubbForHeisman.

Clemson interrupting the Power Sound of the South

With around 8 minutes left in halftime, three Clemson players walked out on the field and started throwing the football. ON THE FIELD. One of State's majorettes was within feet of the players. The crowd booed them so they moved to the sideline.

Harassing the refs

At the end of this horrendous game, State fans threw trash and spit at the refs as they ran into the locker room. There's no excuse for this behavior and how it makes NC State University look. Because of this, the NC State Police Department is investigating who is guilty of harassing them.

Coach Doeren's press conference

Clemson fans were quick to accuse Coach Dave Doeren of not having class in his press conference and post-game statements. He wanted the laptop investigated but mostly talked about State's downfalls. Apparently, coaches are expected to compliment or congratulate the winning team in a competitive game like football. Who knew?

Bambard kicking a FG

Our infamous kicker, Kyle Bambard was given the chance to redeem himself and kick a field goal, which he successfully made. It was awesome that Coach Doeren put him in to make up for his mistakes last season. He will be kicking in the upcoming game versus Boston College, so fingers crossed.

Onward we go!

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