These are the easiest classes at NC State, so you can thank us later

Catch me watching Netflix in the back row with an A+ in the class

College is hard. Life is hard. Everything is HARD. So why not make life a little simpler by taking a few ~easy~ classes at NC State. By the time you hit senior year, you'll be tired of staying up at DH Hill and covering the walls in chem equations — so don't do it.

We asked students what their easiest classes were during their time at State. They told us which classes they would recommend if you want a light workload and low stress level.

Make sure you at least go to class so you don't look like a UNC student, put some effort in.

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Communications 112

OF COURSE a communications class was going to be on this list — the major itself is notoriously easy. This is interpersonal communications, a common class for majors in the Poole College of Management. This class was mentioned by two different students, so take their word for it. The class is open book on all exams with answers to online quizzes on Quizlet (but you didn't hear that from us).

MIE 310

Management Innovation Entrepreneurship, although it sounds complicated, is said to be easy because it's also open book and online exams.

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Math 103

This math course entitled concepts in contemporary mathematics is said to be the "easiest math class ever" according to Alyssa, a polisci major.

Anthropology 252

Cultural anthropology is supposed to be a good class because its material is easy and the workload is light (this could very greatly depending on the teacher, as most classes).


Poisons, people and the environment is entirely online with quizzes you take at home and exams you take with a proctor that are totally open note.

Engineering 102

Stick with me on this one. Engineering in the 21st century is now a required class for engineering majors. The curriculum is quite long but requires "minimal effort." Don't bother with this unless you're in that field, obviously. But if you have to take an introductory engineering course, trust me — take this one.

Textile Technology 105

Introduction to Textile Technology "has practice questions that are not mandatory but they are the EXACT questions that are on the quizzes/tests and we are given the answers to the practice so basically we’re given all the answers to our tests," according to Olivia, a freshman in the College of Textiles.

Graphic Communications 420

Although the numbering is scary, visual thinking is meant to get your thoughts out for others to see. An interesting class in the Graphic Communications department. And, I'm no expert, but I'm fairly certain that any 420 class is a breeze, or a blaze.

Food Science 201

At some point, this intro to Food Science class included food every Friday. Why the heck not?

#itsgoingdown tonight @ the General Mills meeting. If @pasta is ur bae, you will be there ??#tydinnercommittee

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Or just take beekeeping.

Disclaimer: these suggestions were based on individual students' opinions so don't blame us if you take one and don't do so hot.

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