Gumby’s Pizza clerk charged with assault and sexual battery of female NC State students

He is due in court next month

Two NC State students say they were sexually assaulted by Aurelio Discala, 36, a clerk at Gumby's Pizza on Hillsbourough Street.

The female students, who are 18 and 19-years-old, say they were eating in the restaurant on Thursday, October 12th when he approached them.

The reports say he kissed one of the girls and put his arm around the other. One of the victims said he tried to make her touch his groin.

The manager of Gumby's, Joe O'Brien, fired Discala as soon as he found out.

"It's unacceptable. He was fired immediately. We're in the process of getting him trespassed from the property. We don't condone this type of behavior in any way," O'Brien told ABC 11. "That doesn't happen at Gumby's Pizza. And it's not going to happen on N.C. State campus."

Discala posted his $10,000 bond and has a court date set in November.

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