Thank GOODNESS for this new hotel on campus that no student could possibly afford to stay in

At least it’s pretty??

The most recent development in the wildly expensive NC State building saga is the StateView hotel on Centennial campus. It's cleverly located across the street from Lonnie Poole Golf Course with a nice view of Lake Raleigh.

The hotel officially opened to the public on Wednesday after 8 years of planning. It even has its own indoor/outdoor restaurant called Flask and Beaker.

The interior design pays tribute to the Wolfpack in a slew of creative ways: the custom wallpaper features the names of alumni that have received patents for their projects and designs, the wall decor consists of metal gears and features math equations as a shoutout to the math and science education that State is known for.

This hotel is an extension of Marriott's Autograph Collection, with 164 guest rooms called "dens."

The standard rate for a room is $239 and up, so budget for that in your student loan. Maybe host your Wolfpack wedding here? Or have your parents rent a room when you don't want them to stay with you while they visit?

Either way, at least it's pretty to look at.

North Carolina State University