Brace yourselves, puppies are coming to campus for the Dog Olympics

Fur buddies are about to take over

What's more exciting then seeing dogs on campus? Nothing, that's what!

Come one, come all to witness the 26th Annual NC State Veterinary Medicine Dog Olympics. Not only will you get to see all kinds of different breeds of dogs, but they will be competing with each other in different activities and events.

And y'all, the contests at this event are absolutely adorable. There are athletic events such as limbo, musical sit, high jump, roll over contests, obstacle courses and howling contests for active pups. There are also appearance contests like the costume contest and longest tail contest for every flawless pooch.

If you want to bring your own dog to this puppy-loving event, go for it! You can register your dog to compete in the olympics for only $5 or just being them along to watch the fun for $3.

Don't have a dog but are looking to adopt one of your own? Many of the rescue groups that attend bring their dogs that are available for adoption. Some of them even dress these dogs in costumes. Too cute!

The NC State Companion Animal Awareness Club is holding this event on Saturday, October 7th from 10am to 3pm at the College of Veterinary Medicine to raise awareness about homeless animals and celebrate our love for dogs.

All the proceeds go to support the rescue groups that will be present at the event.

Photos from NCSU CVM Companion Animal Club

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