Just a bunch of amazing photos from members of the Wolfpack who are studying abroad

#PackAbroad will give you wanderlust

After a few weeks of working and watching Netflix, it gets boring staring at the same four walls. There are lucky members of the Wolfpack that spend their summer traveling the globe for pleasure or for knowledge.

Social media is helpful because it allows us to share photos from these adventures and helps those of us that are landlocked get a view of the good life.

#tbt to El Chorro and hiking up a mountain we thought would never end to a waterfall that we thought didn't actually exist #packabroad #mylegsstillhurtfromthis

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Most beautiful thing we saw today: the weeds ❤️ I love you Iceland! #packabroad

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Hardly home but always reppin'

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Clubs and colleges go overseas together and it's sure to be a great experience.

My passport and wallet are at war with each other now. Can I take out a loan for traveling purposes? I promise to learn something while I'm there.

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