The best reactions to Dennis Smith Jr. going to the Mavericks

I thought I was the only one who cared

Even though we’re all still a little bitter towards DSJ for leaving State after one year, it’s quite the accomplishment to be #9 on the NBA draft list.

Smith was picked by the Dallas Mavericks last night at the ceremony in Brooklyn. He was accompanied by our old pal Mark Gottfried.

As usual, Twitter was lit.

Verified people talk about him

J Cole always comes up

They may not know his name but they know he’s a BA

All successful people have haters

That guy is a Carolina fan so his opinion is irrelevant, really.

He even made a brief appearance on the Draft snap story, looking fly.

He may have doomed our upcoming basketball season but at least he is getting NC State’s name out there. I’m just crossing my fingers he made the right call in going to the NBA so soon.

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