Every struggle you know if you’ve taken a summer class at NC State

I got that summertime sadness

The summer sessions that NC State offers are a great way for students to get ahead or catch up on credits in a shorter time span. It’s not as long as a normal semester but it’s just as much material in a shorter amount of time. Summer classes at NC State are a great opportunity, but only if you have the time and most importantly, the self discipline to work instead of play.

There are some issues that are unique to the summer session experience which you can only truly relate to if you’ve suffered through them.

Parking is worse than normal

Summer parking passes are supposed to allow you to park in basically any regular spot on campus, but joke’s on you, every single spot you want to park in will be an employee C spot. You might as well head straight to a parking deck on the opposite side of campus. You would think the summer would be less busy and more convenient spots would be available closer to classes, but don’t be fooled.

Missing one day is a huge deal

If you happen to take the 3-week Maymester session, there’s approximately 15 days of class. Missing just one of these days means you’ve missed out on 3 hours worth of material. You’re already screwing yourself over. Even missing one class in a 5-week session can hurt your grade, especially if attendance counts as part of the overall grade.

Wanting to enjoy the weather but having to study

80 plus degree weather is perfect for lounging in the sun, but not if you have hours worth of lectures to watch. Unless you feel comfortable taking your laptop out by the pool, putting in earphones and taking notes while the sun glares down at you, you have to study inside. No one wants to risk taking a Macbook out by a body of water — it’s an accident waiting to happen. The real question is what will overheat first, you or the computer?

Lack of that carefree summer feeling

The whole point of a summer vacation is to take some time off and relax. No worrying about quizzes, exams or due dates. No stressfully watching Netflix when you should be studying. But instead, every moment you spent being lazy and carefree, there’s another hour worth of notes that need to be taken, creeping in around in the back of your mind and taunting you.

Uncertainty about where your rank stands

Because it’s an awkward stage between school years, it’s hard to tell what year you are considered as a student. Am I a sophomore or junior now? No one knows. Well actually they do, it’s easy to figure out, but I always second guess when someone asks me.

All I know is graduating with two degrees better be worth the extra effort I had to put in. I’d prefer to spend my time at the beach.

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