The Call Center student fundraisers are the unsung heroes of NC State

They get rejected more often than you

Tucked away on the third floor of the Dorothy & Roy Park Alumni Center, is a group of dedicated and stubborn college students that make their living hearing the word ‘no.’ Student fundraisers call alumni and other university affiliates to ask them for donations to NC State and its individual colleges. Because they endure endless small talk and rejection, it’s time to shine a light on the people that quietly raise funds day after day for our beautiful university, to continue to grow and maintain its impressive rankings. Here’s a compilation of reasons why student fundraisers at the Call Center are some of the most under-appreciated members of the Pack.

They have the same conversation over and over again

Because there is a general script to follow, most conversations are variations of the same statements. This gets old really fast. The callers know it’s important to make each call genuine and interesting, though, and for some alumni, this is the only contact they maintain with the university, so we want it to be special.

They have to listen to people’s complaints

NC State Call Center

If an alum has an issue with a political view the university has demonstrated in some way, apparently this is the perfect time to share it. Callers get an ear full when an alum has something to say about State. It’s like they actually have control over the price of tuition or something. Yeah, right.

They get hung up on repeatedly

Each shift there’s always that one person that hangs up once charitable giving is mentioned. It’s understandable, but sometimes it stings a little for the caller. It’s all for a good cause, so it would be nice for you to just sit through the call, people. Sometimes they don’t even make it that far into the conversation. Just mentioning you’re from State is enough to cause a hangup.

They represent departments other than their own

It’s one thing to raise money for the department you are a part of, that way you see the benefits yourself. But at the Call Center, there are education majors calling CALS alum, English majors calling engineers and so on. Needless to say, there are some interesting conversations.

It’s a cute, little work family

NC State Call Center

Disclaimer: we were not using cell phones while logged on, promise

Sitting in cubicles four hours at a time creates a bond between coworkers. The callers have a special bond that is strengthened with each game of 20 Questions and Hangman played. It’s all held together by the sweet mama bear-in charge, Brittany.

Their ultimate goal is to better the university

Even after hearing no 18 times in a night, callers come back next shift ready to take on a new pool of alumni. It sparks their motivation every time they get a gift, so they’re never discouraged for too long.

Sometimes people won’t donate but will offer some advice to the caller, which is just as valuable. Each call is unique and crucial for keeping the Wolfpack family connected.

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