A list of superlatives to round out another year at NC State

Like senior superlatives in high school, but less savage

Cutest couple, Mr. and Mrs. Wuf

This really goes without saying. But let’s take this time to clarify the names of our iconic wolves. The mascots are Mr and Mrs Wuf. The cartoon image of a wolf and the actual dog-wolf are called Tuffy. It’s important that you get these names correct in conversation or you’ll sound like an idiot.

Most likely to cause heart attacks, mens’ basketball team

It’s clear we had a rough season, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t hold on to hope throughout the entire season. Each time the gap was closing in, there were students scream-cheering in the stands. Regardless how the score turns out, there are always loyal fans on the edge of their seats.

New kid on the block, Coach Keatts

We are so excited to welcome a new coach to the family. He made a great first impression by handing out Bojangles to┬ástudents at the start of Finals Week. He sure knows the way to a college kid’s heart.

Best way to keep in touch, WPS 2.0

Over the past academic year, a new Facebook group was created as a potential replacement for Wolfpack Students in case they decided to ban alumni. It quickly turned into a no regrets, sarcastic memeland. There’s lots of rude, middle aged men that troll Facebook when they should be at work, ready to attack in the comments of any and every post. But that doesn’t keep it from being a very entertaining source of information and pointless polls.

Most controversial, Eric Low

Speaking of State student Facebook pages, one particular user stands out from the rest. Eric Low, a self proclaimed gay Republican likes to comment thought-provoking statements to stir the pot. He was even the topic of Student Government conversation when he was temporarily banned from the group.

We reached out to Eric to see if he wanted to comment on his fame and his response was simply “Make NC State Great Again.”

Most under-appreciated, women’s basketball team

#?? What a great group of seniors!

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These ladies had an incredible season. Unfortunately, the mens’ team get most of the spotlight so teams with seasons at the same time go unnoticed.

Most missed, The Alley

Gotta love new house balls!

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The bowling alley on Hillsborough Street played an important role in the history of NC State. Not only was it owned by alumni, it was home to the bowling class offered as a PE credit. Their cheap beers and smiling faces made for a great weeknight hang out spot. There’s no way Target will ever be as emotionally significant.

Most dependable, Chancellor Randy Woodson

It’s no surprise good ole Randy would pop up here. Rain or shine, our Chancellor is always there to support the Pack. When something goes down, he is the first to send out an email of comfort. Plus, he plays guitar at Packapalooza and that’s basically the coolest thing ever.

Honorable mention, Harrelson Hall

The infamous round building in the Brickyard was torn down in summer 2016. Rumor has it the building was sinking because of its faulty foundation. It was quite an eyesore but it was also unique to our campus, so it deserves recognition.

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