A guide to the best study spots on NC State’s campus

In case you forgot how or where to study

It’s that time of the year again when everyone is forced to knock the dust off their forgotten textbooks and actually start studying – finals season. In the midst of all the panic over final exams, you may not even be emotionally stable enough to wear matching clothes or remember what day it is, so here’s a guide on the best places to study on NC State’s campus to make your life a little bit easier.

The book stacks, duh

This may be the best-known study spot on campus because of how isolating and quiet it is. If you’re the type of person who needs absolute silence when you’re studying, this is the place for you. Pro tip: the higher level you go to, the quieter it is. Who knows, you may even find someone living up there. Either way, I’m sure you’ll accomplish a great deal of studying, and you may even get a George Foreman grilled hamburger out of it.

Reserve a room

When you want to meet with a study group but can’t figure out where to sit in the library, you can reserve a room. There are plenty of options between D.H. Hill and Hunt, and all you have to do is go online to the NCSU Libraries system to schedule your time. This is the easiest way to make sure you have room for as many people as you need and get privacy. You could also just rent it out for yourself if you’re a lone wolf. No shame.

Hidden corners in Talley Student Union

NC state study

Talley may seem like a spot that’s too busy to actually study in, but there are a TON of different areas that make for a great place to break out your books.  There’s a wide variety of chairs, tables, benches and quiet hallways to get comfortable in for hours. The plus side? A convenience store and various restaurants right downstairs for when you need to feed your brain (and stomach).

One of our many coffee shops

NC state study

Whether it’s on campus or off campus, there are plenty of coffee shops to choose from to sit down and study in a vibrant environment. This is the perfect spot for someone who is easily bored when studying because the scene changes about every 30 minutes and you can always get up for a coffee break.

Fun (or not so much fun) in the sun

Sometimes indoor areas for long periods of time can be stifling. If this is the case, step outside and find a new, fresh area. There are plenty of benches and picnic tables around campus to study at, or if you’re really in tune with nature you could just stretch out on the grass. I recommend taking a blanket to sit on though because the inchworm outbreak is real.

Your personal hide-away

Every dorm and apartment on campus has study rooms available, usually equipped with tables, chairs and a whiteboard, if you’re lucky. This is a super convenient place because you only have to go right down your hall to get away from your noisy roommates for a while. You may not even really be studying, you may just need some solitude, but they don’t have to know that.

Literally almost any building on campus

NC state study

Depending on your major, you may have a strong preference for your ideal spot. My favorite spot is Caldwell lounge because that’s central to where all my CHASS classes are, but if you’re in engineering your favorite place may be E.B. II.

The lounges in your classroom buildings are great places to get comfortable studying in, especially if you’re planning on last-minute studying before entering your exam (and let’s be honest, you’re going to be cramming up until the final minute). This way you’re already used to focusing in this environment, and it may help you remember those last few details before the test.

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