These are the most annoying things people do in DH Hill library

Please refrain from annoying literally everyone

With exams looming dangerously close on the horizon, the two libraries on campus get busier by the day. With so many stressed students crammed into one place, it’s easy to get on the nerves of those around you.

If you don’t want to make enemies, follow this advice and don’t participate in the following obnoxious activities.

Talk on the phone

It truly blows my mind when a girl struts into the Learning Commons and plops herself down next to a boy buried in a textbook and then proceeds to blab on the phone about how her “chemie professor” is out to get her and the only reason she is failing English is because her professor totally has a crush on her and wants to force her to come to office hours (blah blah blah).

After five minutes of pointless babble and many exasperated sighs from the boy in the book, she still doesn’t get the hint. At this point, I am convinced that the building could literally burst into flames and she would still sit there with her phone plastered to her ear, completely unaware. So, please take your calls outside. It really isn’t that hard.

Play videos out loud

Nothing is more annoying than getting halfway through your calc homework and then hearing the Friends theme song blasting from the computer next to you. There is no reason to be playing your Netflix series out loud in a library. Headphones are like $3, so please just buy some and save us all the agony of trying to solve differential equations with Ross yelling in the background.

Talking in the silent reading room

There is a really, really easy fix to this one – don’t go in a silent reading room. If you and your partner are meeting up to discuss a project, then the silent reading room is probably not for you. If your friend is going to quiz you for your oral Spanish exam, skip the silent reading room. Maybe you and your boyfriend want to spark up a conversation between papers and that’s fine, but not in the silent reading room. There are so many spaces in Hill that are filled with eager college students chatting left and right, so if you are expecting to blab a little please just skip the SILENT reading room.

Basically eating an onion for lunch

I understand that we all gotta eat, and I even understand that there aren’t enough hours in the day to separate studying and eating, but please do not bring in your sandwich with extra onions. It is literally impossible to focus on my psych textbook when all I can smell is onion. So, maybe skip the onion if you’re planning on bringing your meal to go.

Running around the library like it’s a gym

Girl, I get that your best friend just so happens to be on the other side of the Learning Commons and you just can’t stand to go a moment without speaking to her, but please keep the running to a minimum. There is no reason for you to be sprinting past my table every 10 minutes. I’m sure it’s fun to feel the library wind in your hair as you dash through the book stacks, but please just don’t.

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