How tall NCSU basketball players are compared to well-known Raleigh monuments

Pretty dang tall

In order to succeed in basketball, it’s helpful to have the benefit of being insanely tall. Of course, some of our best athletes were a little on the small side (Cat Barber, for example).

This year, most of our starting players easily pass six feet tall and border on seven.

21.5 Omer Yurtsevens = Tech Tower at Talley

He’s 7 feet tall so it’s hard to miss him on the street.

22.5 BeeJay Anyas = Metcalf Hall

BeeJay is 6’9″ but his arm span is probably like 20 feet.

3.15 Ted Kapitas = the Wendell H. Murphy wolf statue

He’s 6’8″ and makes the wolf statue at the football field look much less intimidating.

17.25 Abdul Malik-Abus = Memorial Belltower

Abu stands at 6’8″ but he seems taller than that in person, honestly.

86.1 DSJs = PNC Plaza building

The tallest building in Raleigh is the PNC┬áPlaza downtown. It stands 538 feet tall compared to Dennis Smith Jr’s 6’3″.

15.2 Terry Hendersons = State Capitol

Henny is 6’5″.

All this height should serve us well, but at the end of the day it’s not the most important factor.

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