Everything you’ll probably end up packing for college but never actually using

You won’t need the 50 t-shirts you’ve been accumulating for years

When you’re packing for college, there will be a a lot of items you think you need and you’re definitely going to use. But I promise, you never will.

Here are a few things you’ll probably end up packing but will literally never use.

The pile of 50 t-shirts you’ve been accumulating for years

I’m extremely guilty of this one. I packed ALL my t-shirts from home – all my high school shirts, all my soccer shirts, all my college shirts, etc. You’ll end up rotating between 5-8 of your favorites.

The shoes

Similar to the t-shirt dilemma, most students bring all of their shoes. Five pairs of heels, a few pairs of sandals, dress shoes, running sneakers, casual sneakers – the list goes on and on. Just like the shirts, you’re only going to wear about five pairs of all your shoes. Choose your favorite and leave the rest at home.

Your entire craft drawer

This one’s a sad one. Remember in high school and middle school when teachers would always tell you to have markers or colored pencilz on hand? Well, not in college. You can bring all your extra school supplies, but I highly doubt you’ll be able to use them.

A sewing kit

Why is a sewing kit on every single college checklist out there? I mean I get it, but if something needs to be sewn, I’m calling mom.

Cute mini trash can

Don’t lie, I know you wanted a visual

Here at NC State, every dorm room is provided super large, super ugly, gray trash bins and red recycling bins. You’d think bringing a cute mini trash can would be useful, right? Sadly, no. But that large, gray trash can is not allowed to leave your room. Sorry if you were excited for your pink, sparkly trash can, but right next to it will stand your very own large, gray, obnoxious one.

Every piece of clothing you own

Packing for college, you tell yourself there will be opportunities. “I’m totally going to wear my junior year prom dress, I’m sure there will be some event I can wear it.” There won’t be. Leave it at home with those 10 pairs of heels because, honestly, when you get to college you’re only going to wear your favorite, most comfortable clothes. Your favorite pair of mom jeans are the only jeans that’ll see the light of day.

An iron

The only time you’ll ever have the chance to use your iron is five minutes before that interview when you realize your shirt is pretty dang wrinkly. Then you’ll realize you only have five minutes and you forget about the iron entirely. Pro tip – throw your shirt/dress/pants on a hanger and hang them in the bathrooms while you shower – those wrinkles will come right out.

The four different kinds of laundry detergent/stain removers your mom made you bring

Seriously, what do they even do? And aren’t you just supposed to throw everything in at the same time with a Tide Pod?

Extra bed sheets

If you have multiple days to get your laundry done, that’s pretty cool. But here at State, if you don’t move your laundry right when it’s done, it’ll be out on the floor within five minutes. So if you clean your bed sheets, they’ll be done that day, I promise.

Casual reading books

Another sad fact. You bring 3-4 of the books you recently purchased and really want to read, but you can never seem to find time for them. It’s more logical to get ahead on some homework assignments or study for the exam you have next week. Unless you really want to make time for those books, they won’t be touched.

North Carolina State University