NC State boys prove to be the least romantic humans ever

As if you didn’t already know that

For some unknown reason, college students are good at incorporating casual hook-ups into their otherwise busy schedules. These casual hook-ups typically lead to someone getting too attached and everything going down in flames after feelings are admitted.

Some of the girls who are fully aware of the horrendous tendencies of the male population at NCSU were more than willing to share screenshots of their most cringe-worthy conversations. These are some of the things State boys do that arguably make them the least romantic creatures of all time.

Basically ignoring your existence, then complaining when you leave

When didĀ I invite you?

Texting other girls in your presence

Having an open door for all the ladies

Looking at you like an idiot for expressing emotions

Never admitting their feelings

You’re weak if you admit to missing another person

Being persistent for all the wrong reasons

Asking the most important (stupid) questions first

If I don’t smoke weed, is that a no?

Disapproving of your living arrangements

Apparently living with two guys makes you a hoe

Pulling the ‘I’ll pay for your Uber’ card to get girlsĀ over (or to get rid of them afterwards)

Using women as chauffeurs

Which part of this conversation is the most repulsive? Every single word.

Boys, take note. Disclaimer: don’t take this too seriously.

North Carolina State University