An ode to Howling Cow ice cream

We’re the red and white from State and we know our ice cream is the best

You haven’t truly experienced NC State until you’ve indulged in our Howling Cow ice cream. Manufactured right here on campus with milk from the university’s own dairy farm, this ice cream is packed with Wolfpack pride.

True to its name, this dessert will have you howling for more by the end of your cup, cone or carton. After a taste of our ice cream you won’t be able to stop craving it. Apologies in advance for the freshman 15 that will result after your introduction to Howling Cow.

It’s full of NC State pride

Howling Cow is produced on NC State’s main campus at Schaub Hall and is made with milk from dairy cows that our own CALS students help raise. As a previous CALS student myself, I can attest that it’s pretty incredible to be able to indulge in a product from animals you’ve been in close contact with. As an NC State student, why would you go out and buy grocery store brands of ice cream when you can have a product made by your own school?

Flavors galore

Howling Cow ice cream is available in over 15 flavors. This means you have plenty of unique options to choose from to comfort you while you’re stressed out in D.H. Hill trying to calculate how low of a grade you can get on your next test in order to still pass. With options ranging from the simple flavors of vanilla, chocolate and cookies & cream to complex tastes of Campfire Delight, Wolf Tracks and Cherry Brick Road, your taste buds will never be bored with the plethora of options.

My favorite flavor is Wolf Tracks, a vanilla ice cream infused with peanut butter cups and chocolate fudge. It’s perfect for a chocolate-lover who likes a little crunch.

You’re never more than a Wolfline bus ride away

Whether you’re holed up in the library, hanging out at Talley Student Union or relaxing in your dorm room with friends, you’re never too far away from being able to hold a cone of pure deliciousness in your hand. You can buy Howling Cow at the Creamery Shop in D.H. Hill Library, Common Grounds Café at Hunt Library, Talley Market or any other C-store. So no matter where you are on campus, you’re never too far away from making the best decision of your day.

It’s an NC State exclusive

People are always telling me to take advantage of all the opportunities I have available while I’m in college because I’ll regret it once I’ve graduated if I don’t, and the one thing I know I’ll never take for granted is our ice cream.

Howling Cow isn’t distributed around the nation, so once you graduate and get that big-girl job, you’ll only have your memories to get you through until you can come back for a football game or the N.C. state fair. So go get that double scoop of Campfire Delight before it’s too late. Your taste buds will thank you later (even if your scale doesn’t).

Good things come in small packages

Probably the best thing (and maybe the worst for your diet) about Howling Cow ice cream is that you can buy it by the pint, so you can save it in your freezer. All those nights you’ve been craving ice cream while watching Netflix but have been too lazy to make it down to the C-Store are no longer a problem because you only have to make it a few steps to your freezer. Even when I lived in a dorm room and had to fit all of my food in a mini fridge, I still made room in the freezer for a pint (or two) of Wolf Tracks.

Milkshakes (and more) that will bring all the boys to the yard

If you’re on the go and looking for a quick treat, you can even get a vanilla or chocolate milkshake made from Howling Cow. I recommend trying The Chancellor’s Choice. Chancellor Woodson created a masterpiece with this sundae that includes Wolf Track ice cream over a blondie brownie topped with caramel, chocolate syrup, pecans, whipped cream and a cherry.

So hurry and go treat yourself to a cone, cup, or heck, even a carton of the best ice cream in North Carolina.

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