An honest guide to choosing the perfect freshman dorm at NC State

It’s a crucial decision

At the beginning of the fall 2017 semester, NC State freshmen will be required to live on campus for their first year. With this new requirement comes tons of questions. Which dorm is the best? Which dorm is closest to the dining halls? Which dorm has the biggest closet?

Here is a breakdown of the main freshman dorms to help relieve some stress.

Exploratory students

A lot of freshmen enter State as “Exploratory Studies” students, a.k.a. “I don’t know what the heck I want to do” studies. These students are able to take a variety of classes in hopes of finding their true passion. Tucker and Owen Hall, located right next to each other, are home to all the students that are entering college in Exploratory Studies (what used to be called first-year college). These halls are only open to students with undeclared majors and their roommates.

Tucker and Owen

Owen and Tucker

If you are interested in forming a rivalry with the opposing hall resulting in an annual, incredibly intense, sport-based competition, definitely choose Tucker/Owen. These two halls are great for forming super close relationships with your hallmates, learning to share a bathroom and maybe even sharing wardrobes.


There are three buildings right in the center of everything – Carroll, Metcalf and Bowen. These three buildings make up the Tri-Towers and they are all formatted the same way. With four suites per floor and 10 people housed in each suite, these towers make a great environment for building a strong relationship with your suite and hall.

Bowen, Metcalf & Carroll Halls respectively

Although some would say these living arrangements are a bit small and tight, I would consider them more cozy. Plus, they give you the opportunity to form a great bond with your roommate. Bathrooms are made to accommodate the 10 people in each suite. Whether you’re interested in the Engineering Village, Impact Leadership Village, or simply being a part of the Tri-Towers and being close to Talley, these are the buildings for those who want a very “tight” relationship with their friends.

Honors Quad

Three residence halls (Bagwell, Becton & Berry) make up the Honors Quad. The dorms are nicer than most and the buildings create a great sense of community among students staying there.

The Triad

Three more halls make up The Triad (Welch, Syme & Gold) and are a little farther off main campus. Students in design and students who enjoy a bit more peace and quiet like to stay there.

Other dorms

Lee, Sullivan and Bragaw Hall are a little out of the way, but within 100 feet of each other. Each of these halls have elevators that lead to outdoor hallways and locked suite doors. They only hold eight students and each room shares a bath.

Lee and Sullivan

These three halls are right next to Miller Fields, making it easy to get your game on whenever you’re feeling it. If you want to be super close to the infamous Fountain Dining Hall or love being able to see baseball games from your room, choose Sullivan, Lee or Bragaw.

Bragaw Hall

I hope you enjoyed my unprofessional review of a few of the main wolf dens on campus. I recommend you come join us here at NC State – I promise you won’t regret it.

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