We asked NC State if getting hit by a Wolfline bus means the university pays your tuition

Let’s settle this once and for all

From day one, freshmen hear the rumor that getting hit by a bus on campus means the university will pay your tuition. Desperate times call for desperate measures, and students joke about stepping out in the street a little too often.

That black, white and red bus brings with it thoughts of student debt relief, especially when you’re leaving the roughest class of the week to go back to your dorm and study some more. The mountain-like crosswalk on Dan Allen at the bus stop is the perfect place to question life decisions.

So to find out the truth, we called NCSU’s transportation office.

After the laughing subsided, we were told, “If a student were to get hit by a bus they would have to go through First Transit because they are the owners of Wolfline buses. We only contract them out, we don’t own Wolfline buses.”

So not only is NC State not in charge of the buses, they won’t be dishing out thousands of bucks for students dumb enough to intentionally get hit by a bus.

The transportation office wasn’t even familiar with the rumor, which means someone was cruel enough to start it and give us hope. What a shame. It looks like we’ll have to get a job to pay off student loans after all.

North Carolina State University