Chancellor Woodson sends campus-wide email offering support and guidance after the Muslim Ban

‘Know you are a welcome and valued part of the NC State Community’

Chancellor Randy Woodson issued a response to President Trump’s executive order banning incoming refugees and refusing entry for people coming from Iraq, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Syria, Somalia and Yemen for 120 days.

“To all of our international students, especially those from the countries identified in the Executive Order, please know you are a welcome and valued part of the NC State Community,” Chancellor Woodson wrote. “We encourage you to purposefully and passionately continue pursuing your educational dreams and contributing to the scholarship that embodies our think and do mantra.”

Student Body President Paul Nolan shared his support on the student Facebook page. “I want to ensure everyone, particularly our international students, that university leadership and I are working to support you during this time.”

NC State students and other Raleigh natives participated in a rally against the executive order at Raleigh-Durham International Airport on Saturday.

There are more rallies and protests scheduled to occur in downtown Raleigh in the coming weeks.

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