How much it actually costs to miss a class at Mizzou

This will get you out of bed

Imagine: you’re lying in your “luxurious” dorm bed when out of nowhere you’re stirred awake by a familiar, haunting sound— which Apple has cleverly named “Radar.” It rings clearly in your ears as you grumble audibly and flip over towards the wall.

It’s just another day in college paradise. The real question is this: Will you decide to seize the day or ignore life calling and hit snooze?

How much money do we lose when we skip a class? What could we buy with the money that our pure laziness is causing us to waste?

Tuition per credit hour at Mizzou is approximately $276.20. The average class is typically 3 credit hours. If you’re bored enough to do the math, three credit hours at Mizzou costs roughly $828.60. It’s extremely hard to grasp that one class you usually sleep through could break your bank in such a brutal way. Cringe-worthy, right?

So, what could you buy with $828.60? Here are a few options:

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