Assisted cheating by a tutor has been uncovered at Mizzou

A former University of Missouri tutor helped student athletes cheat in coursework

A past tutor for the University of Missouri’s student athlete academic assistance program has come forward to clear her conscience.

Yolanda Kumar, helped student athletes cheat their way through collegiate coursework. She assisted their cheating via Mizzou’s Total Person’s Program for six years.

This month, Yolanda Kumar said she felt pressured by the system to do whatever it took to keep athletes in a suitable academic position.

Kumar did not wish to stir up trouble by confessing her fraud to the university system and the public. Instead, she only desired to clear up her own morale and prevent the athletic department from engaging in any further academic deception.

On Tuesday, Mizzou confirmed the commencement of yet another NCAA investigation.

After hearing Kumar’s confession, it is understood that both male and female athletes were “assisted” by Kumar.

In particular, Kumar stressed that assistance was encouraged the most with male football and basketball players.

She admitted fully to her activities in a Facebook post that read:

“I have knowingly participated in academic dishonesty in my position as a tutor at the University of Missouri-Columbia Intercollegiate Athletic department, which is not limited to assistance with assignments.

I have taken and assisted with entrance assessment, completed entire courses, and I been present to provide assistance with online assessments. It was encouraged, promoted, and supported by at least two Academic Coordinators for athletes in revenue generating sports, however, the wide spread desperation to succeed by other student-athletes at the bottom of an inverted pyramid of the organization’s construct cross (sic) multiple sports.

I self-reported on November 2 and naively wanted to close the door on the manner after seeking counsel. I immediately resigned from my position on November 7 prior to meeting with a member for compliance, general counsel, and an individual that reports to the chancellor.

You are able to see this post because I respect and honor your thoughts of me. I wanted you to hear it from me first. I apologize for disappointing you.

I just can’t carry this burden anymore.”

Officials from the NCAA will continue to work closely with Missouri athletics to find clarity within these serious allegations.

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