Frat guys from Michigan tell us what they really think about the RompHim

Imagine walking around campus and seeing guys in a RompHim

The best brunch spots in Ann Arbor

‘Cause we all know brunch is the best meal of the day

March for Science being held at the Michigan diag

It will start at 12pm and is part of a larger movement in tandem with Washington.

We asked if our parents knew what 4/20 was

Plot twist, it’s not just a fraction.

Ann Arbor ranked best city in America to live in (but honestly who’s surprised)

“Who’s got it better than us? Nobody!” -Jim Harbaugh

UMich student hit by falling tree

The student is in serious condition.

Pornhub grants $25k scholarship to University of Michigan student

A scholarship to be proud of?

Michigan students have the most positive STD results in the country found that the University of Michigan had the highest amount of positive results out of any school they’ve seen.

Michigan students aren’t accepting Sean Spicer’s apology

Every middle school student in America is taught about the Holocaust, but apparently Sean Spicer was sick that day.

Michigan has some of the hardest working students in the country

The school was ranked among others such as Westpoint, Yale, and Harvard.

Just a bunch of tweets you’ll find funny if you go to Michigan

“Body at ugli heart at Rick’s”

I’m heartbroken over Burgerfi closing and don’t know how to handle it

I wasn’t ready to say goodbye

All the best posts about not having a Commencement speaker

People are pissed but at least they have a sense of humor!

Joe Biden’s viral video has an important message

‘The correct word for sex without consent is rape. Period’

Michigan officially announced that there won’t be a commencement speaker and people are furious

Instead, the ceremony will feature several speeches from faculty and students, along with a video of multiple speakers.

Overheard Michigan: Everything you’ll hear during your four years as a Wolverine

Where’s my Goose?

Which Girl Scout cookie is your UMich major?

We all know who the Thin Mints are.