Pig out at these Ann Arbor restaurants to soften the blow when you bomb your finals

Pizza House will always love you, no matter your GPA

Oh, finals season… the worst time of the semester. But, also slightly the best. I mean, think about it. The snow has finally begun to fall, class schedules are obsolete, and before you know it you’ll be home with an excuse to eat everything and anything you want!

So as much as studying may suck, try to stay positive. And to help you stay positive, I’ve compiled a list of delicious and questionably nutritious Ann Arbor eats to keep you energized at whatever study spot you snagged.

The Grillcheezerie

get you a sandwich that can do both. #smacandcheese #eAAts #spoonfeed #spoonum

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Macaroni and cheese ON a grilled cheese? Have you ever heard of anything better? This sandwich is essentially heaven in a meal. Get lactase pills if you need ’cause it’s totally worth it. It’s the perfect thing to nosh on after crying your eyes out while studying for Biochem in the Stacks.


Enjoyed the #Ranchodelaeggwich for #brunch at #Hopcat on Sunday (hold the sausage) #vegetarian #eggwich #hopcatannarbor #AnnArborEats #AnnArbor #crackfries #scrambledeggs #cheddar #cheese #avocado #picodegallo #englishmuffin #avocadoranch

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Crack Fries. I repeat, these are literally crack fries. And when they say crack, they mean it, because they are addicting. Unlike actual crack, this is an essential study snack you can eat for brunch, lunch or dinner. AND you can get a cocktail while you’re there to cope with failing an exam! Treat yo’ self.


IF YOU'RE READING THIS I WANT THIS PIZZA NOW. ? photo credit: @hungry_hungover

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Someone once told me that during finals, carbs become your lifeline. And what better way to get those carbs than to stuff your face with a greasy slice of pizza? Grab one from NYPD and add pasta to it. You’ll thank me later (my DMs are open).

Pizza House


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Finals week tends to push us students to our limits. Staying in the Ugli until 4 am on a study binge and crying your eyes out questioning why you even need to go to school and trying to reason dropping out of UMich is totally normal. However, that stress can fuck with your mental health, and sometimes the best medicine is comfort food. Cheesy/feta bread never disappoints, and Pizza House will always love you, no matter your GPA.

Rod’s Diner

Best thing for when it feels like spring outside…Rod's Diner froyo with pretzel, chocolate candy, strawberry sauce, sprinkles, and cookie dough ? #spoonfeed #spoonum #spoontravel

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If you’re like me, ice cream is everything. And honestly, ice cream is better when it’s this cold out. I don’t know why, but it’s just better. So go to Rod’s and get a big ol’ collider. Add some m&m’s, chocolate sauce, sprinkles and cookie dough. Ya know, the whole nine yards. Studying for EECS 218 requires a sugar rush.

One Bowl

"You know, you're kind of like, F*ck it, I'm gonna eat ramen." — Ivan Orkin

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If eating ice cream in 10-degree weather is too crazy for you, I gotchu. You don’t want to make your insides colder, you wanna heat them up, right? Then One Bowl is the perfect solution for you. Ramen is never a miss. When you cry over your failed semester, your tears will drop directly into the soup giving it that needed touch of salt.

Good Time Charley’s

told my mom i was getting one drink, didn't specify the ounces!!!!

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Here at Michigan, we’re really good at working hard and playing harder. Right now, the stress is building up from all the hours spent in the Ref Room, and it’s starting to get to you. The hours you spend staring at your computer screen are too many to count. And even after handing in your blue book, you’re left with a hand cramp. What better way to cure your aches and pains than by playing hard and drowning your sorrows in alcohol? Get a fishbowl, and another, and another one. No judgment here. Oh, and the pretzel sticks with queso are amazing. You might need those after three glasses…

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