Here’s everything you can buy with the money used for South Campus’s new athletic building

Unlimited Starbucks for life

University of Michigan students are no stranger to construction on their Ann Arbor campus and most recently the school is completing its newest project to its South Campus. The Stephen M. Ross Athletic Campus Athletics South Competition and Performance Project is set to officially open in Winter 2018.

This building measures up to 280,000 square feet and will accommodate track and field, cross country, lacrosse, soccer and women's rowing. This facility was unanimously chosen over a $15 million golf course clubhouse in an 8-0 vote in 2015. The total price of this massive construction project? $168 million.

That is more money than most people will ever see in their entire life. So understandably it's a little bit difficult to actually conceptualize such a huge sum of money. So to help understand how much money really went into this behemoth of a building, here are 10 items and how much this amount of money can buy.

32,000,000 Grande Peppermint Mocha Frappuccinos (and that's including 6% tax)

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If that doesn't get you into the holiday spirit, nothing will.

280,000,000 Blue Books from Ugo's

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So approximately how many I need for this finals season.

70,292,887 8 oz bottles of Fiji Water

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Paying $2.39 for a cup of water is a great use of money for a broke college student.

88,888,888 key copies for when you move out the dorms and inevitably get locked out of your house

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That's only about 2 short of how many I needed this year.

48,137,535 California Rolls from Sadako

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I would probably still have room for more Sushi.

168,001 IPhone X's

I'm not ready to let go of my home button so I'll pass.

134,400,000 Krabby Patties

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$1.25 for a Krabby Patty, but the secret formula is priceless.

16,800,000 Michael Bublé Christmas albums

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You can never have too many Bublé Christmas jams.

Almost 10% of the New England Patriots

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Sounds like a fair price for Tom Brady.

Michigan tuition for approximately 5,690 in-state freshmen

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How do I apply for this scholarship?

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