What not to do during the Greek life suspension

It’s bringing out the worst in some of us

While Greek life being suspended has caused many to engage in more wholesome activities such as exercising, exploring Ann Arbor, doing homework on a Saturday, going to Hillel, or even going home for the weekend, for others, things has gone astray. For some of us who don't know what to do with ourselves, the suspension means strictly going to bars, smoking too much, and hosting too many people in your dorm. Here are some untold stories:

The unwanted claim to fame

"Since there were no frat parties going on, my friends and I decided to go to Study Lounge. However, it turns out that bars are less crowded and more people are paying attention to what you're doing. As I was arguing with a boy, someone filmed us, capturing the moment until the end when we ended up making out. This video proceeded to make it on the Instagram accounts 5th year, which has over 600,000 followers, and total frat move, which has over a million followers. In other words, the Greek life suspension has been my claim to fame, and the past few days have been comprised of me being bombarded with texts asking I was actually the girl in the video."

"Hi, how are you?" More like "how high are you?"

"Since I couldn't go out to a frat party, I wanted to get high. It had been a while since I had done so because parties mostly involve drinking. I took a few hits, but I wasn't feeling anything right away, so I decided to take more. Not my best decision. The next two hours included far too many tears and me claiming to be drowning every time I took a a sip of water."

A tropical storm

"Since we didn't feel like going out to a bar again, we decided to host Around the World in our room. Since our country was tropical, Emergen-C was obviously the chaser of choice (Vitamin D somehow got confused with Vitamin C). However, somehow this powder turned into something that seemed like a good idea to snort. The rest of the night was spent blowing our noses; in other words, the night didn't end sunny-side up"

Greek life being suspended has everyone caught off guard. It seems like some social experiment- leading everyone to try new things and forcing them out of their routine of going to mixers. With that said, when pondering what to do with all of your new free time, try to remember these takeaways: bars are less crowded than frat parties, your smoking tolerance may not be as high as you think, and never get your vitamins confused.

University of Michigan