All the crazy things girls have stolen from frat houses

Because we all kind of go through a klepto stage in life

Every now and then, when girls go out, they tend to steal some things from frats. Why? I can't give you an answer. It's just a thing that tends to happen.

But we get some fun stories from it and here they are:

Maggie, Senior

I stole this off a Sig Chi's head last year.

Sarah, sophomore

I stole the shower curtains from a frat once because I thought it would be funny the next day when they couldn't shower. I threw them out the window and then went down the fire escape to grab them and I ran away.

Brittany, sophomore

I took a corn hole board out of a frat house and walked all the way down South U with it. It's in my closet now.

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Group of junior girls

We collectively stole an inflatable penis from Theta Xi last year. They're still mad about it.

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Lauren, sophomore

I stole sig chi's bathroom sign. I also stole one of the kid's sweat pants and his hoodie one night because I was cold and was on my way out from the party. Also, one time I stole frying pans from a party so I didn't have to buy my own.

Jenny, junior

I participated in stealing a composite with two friends by carrying it down a fire escape while a full blown progressive was going on. We brought it to the Uber and got in and just said "drive away now!" and the Uber driver just said "Jesus Christ." But hey, we got away with it.

Skylar, junior

Omg, my whole apartment is stolen. Let's see. A composite, shower curtains, a door, a few jackets here and there, and a freshman's virginity (or two).

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Phi Delt's door

Rachel, Sophomore

I was here over Spring Term and was in one of those bike Ubers —Boobers, if you will —around 2am. It dropped me outside of The Pit and finally this guy I was hooking up with opened the window for me. Classy, a window, I know. So I climbed in, I saw this Pizza House car topper so naturally, I grabbed it and climbed out the window and ran away.

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