Schlissel predicted the fall of Greek life almost exactly two years ago

We should have seen this coming

In October of 2015, still recovering from the $100,000 worth of ski resort damage reportedly caused by three fraternities and three sororities, President Schlissel predicted the end of sororities and fraternities at the University of Michigan saying "they may naturally wither."

Schlissel's prediction may have come true as the University of Michigan student-run Interfraternity Council voted to suspend all social functions for Greek organizations on Thursday night. The ban comes amid allegations of sexual misconduct, hazing incidents, and multiple hospitalizations linked to Halloween weekend in addition to the Michigan State football game weekend.

In a Business Insider article published almost exactly two years ago, President Schlissel denounced the Greek system at the University of Michigan specifically the "risky behavior" exhibited by those participating in Greek affiliated organizations.

Although President Schlissel also stated that it was not his "ambition to to get rid of fraternities and sororities", he did shine a harsh light on the reputation of Greek organizations saying to The Michigan Daily that "the value of their degrees are gonna go down" as more emphasis is placed on the party-culture of Greek life at University of Michigan instead of "the kids who receive Rhodes scholarships and the Fulbright scholarships…So it's really up to you what the value of your education is going to be, what the reputation of this institution's going to be."

Ultimately, it was IFC that self imposed the ban and not the University. Regardless, Greek life is certainly in the spotlight, and everyone's awaiting the social club's fate.

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