A black man was charged in last year’s racist graffiti incidents on a Michigan campus

UMich stands with Eastern Michigan

Our campus, along with other Michigan campuses, has been plagued with many racist words spray painted and written all over the place.

It started in September with "KKK" spray painted on a dormitory at Eastern. And continued when the n-word was posted on Halloween. Another racist message was left in the men's locker room.

And as our campus has undergone similar racist graffiti, we stand in solidarity with Eastern as these crimes are horrific and need to come to an end.

And for Eastern, hopefully they have, as they arrested a former black student, Eddie Curlin, on Tuesday for these acts of vandalism, according to a university statement.

"It was totally self-serving, it was not driven by politics, and it was not driven by race," EMU's chief of police, Robert Heighes told the Eastern Echo. "It was an individual item done by one individual for all three major graffiti incidents on our campus.

Students are distraught about the fact that a man of color committed these hate crimes and EMU's President feels that Curlin created an atmosphere of stress and fear on campus.

While Curlin's arrest may bring some peace to Eastern's campus, efforts to fight racism will continue. The campus still needs to be a safe place for all students and they need to protect the campus from future events that could replicate these threats of racism.

Finding the guilty party is one small victory for EMU but we all need to continue to band together against racist acts and spread respect and teach people to understand cultural differences.

Photo credit: The Eastern Echo Twitter account

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