Sex tapes, draconic Neopets and Chinese rap videos: UMich professor exposes what students search online during class

Big Brother is watching

University of Michigan student Tahany Alsabahi tweeted a photo of a particular slide from her Environment 232 class. Instead of the expected drab notes, the slide was filled with a list of students' internet browsing history.

Over the course of the spring semester, graduate student instructors recorded the internet activity of students surfing the web during lecture. Some sites were marked with an 'x' to indicate a high frequency of visitors.

The more popular things on the list posted last semester include Wolverine Access, Reddit, Tumblr, Amazon and "General shopping".

More interesting sites included: "Looking at pictures of sliced bread", "Breeding dragons (Draconic neopets???)", and "Buying $240 worth of turtlenecks".

"Sex tapes" and "pornography" were listed as well. SMH.

GSIs warned us that they know what we were doing and now we know for certain. Here's to what University of Michigan education gets you.

University of Michigan