How to dress as your favorite Ann Arbor bar for Halloween


Halloween is nearly upon us and let's face it, you’re a broke college student with neither the money nor the will power to buy yet another costume you'll wear once and store in your bin, never to be seen again.

Take matters into your own hands for a creative costume that everyone will love using things you already own. Here's a list of a few ideas to get you ready for the punniest (alcoholic) costume at your next Halloween party:

Blue Lep

All you need is a monochromatic blue outfit and a pot of gold to instantaneously become everyone’s favorite bar. Steal some Lucky Charms from the dining hall, and you'll have a drunk snack to share with everyone that perfectly fits your costume vibe.

Charley's fishbowl

Continuing in the suit of alcohol, and the music video of a young Pan!c at the Disco, place a fishbowl on your head while wearing your favorite bright color, and you are now a Charley’s fishbowl.

The Brown Jug

Why not combine your love of Riverdale and the Brown Jug as Brown Jughead. All it requires is a brown t-shirt and Jughead’s original hat in the OG Archie comics, which can be easily recreated with some construction paper.


Hey ladies, grab your black and white striped shirts to dress as referees from the infamous Scorekeepers. What better way to complete the look than with a white board and whistle to keep score of all the drinks, and party fouls, throughout the night.

A rare moment where the line doesn't wrap around into the garage

A rare moment where the line doesn't wrap around into the garage


What easy and better way to pay homage to our under 21 nights than to dress up as a Tina in honor of our first love, Cantina? Any Tina, from Tina Fey to Tina Belcher to Tina the llama in Napoleon Dynamite will suffice. If you would like to go a different route, one can always dress as one of the aliens from Star Wars with your phone playing the Cantina theme song. Don't forget, Halloween is on a Tuesday this year, which makes this look even more perfect because Tina Tuesday y'all.

The Blind Pig

These costumes too mainstream for your taste? Throw on a pair of sunglasses and a pink t-shirt and suddenly you're everyone’s favorite concert venue, The Blind Pig. Got a squad? Gather three other friends to be the three blind pigs and the big bad wolverine.

The big bad wolverine will huff and puff and blow the place down

The big bad wolverine will huff and puff and blow the place down

Study Lounge

Last but not least, the easiest bar to impersonate by far is the Study Lounge. You don’t even need to change out of your clothes for class! Just bring your backpack and your loungiest of loungewear —AKA your sweats— you save just for watching Stats 250 lectures in bed, and you’ve got the easiest, comfiest and punniest Halloween costume by far.

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