Schlissel reveals he isn’t a fan of Trump

Again with the emails

Last November when Trump was elected President of the United States, there was an obvious feeling of sadness and disgrace across the University of Michigan campus. As the majority of the Ann Arbor campus was overwhelmed with disgrace, pro-Trump students felt shunned.

Emails that were released Wednesday revealed that President Schlissel doesn't support Trump and can't imagine working for his administration, furthering the divide between UMich Trump supporters and haters.

The Mackinac Center for Public Policy found the emails that discriminated against pro-Trump students and sued the university for not turning over the emails that mentioned Trump sooner.

Patrick Wright from the Mackinac Center explained that the university is a public institution supported by taxpayer money, and these taxpayers should know that students aren't being treated fairly as Schlissel is favoring students who are anti-Trump and sympathizing with Hillary supporters.

Emails that were released reveal that Schlissel said, "Some complaints from our minority of Trump supporters who now feel marginalized and ostracized in our campus milieu and post election activity. Ironic."

He also said, "I am torn on recommendations for appointees since I can't imagine lending one's name to a Trump administration."

And he said he would fight "against the idea that facts don't matter, that science isn't relevant to decision making and that people without white skin don't belong here."

While Schlissel may be part of a liberal campus with the majority of students siding with him, if he ostracizes Trump supporters, is he any better than those who discriminate against other groups?

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