You can thank UMich alum for inventing these revolutionary products

It’s no wonder why the Wolverines are ranked no. 3 in undergraduate entrepreneurship education

University of Michigan is known for producing successful businessmen and for its esteemed Ross School of Business. In fact, The Princeton Review ranked UMich no. 3 in undergraduate entrepreneurship education. Wanna know why?  Because we have cool alums making ingenious things. Here are a few notable ones:

Victors Watch

A Michigan alum has created a website called Victors Watch, which finds you local bars to watch games with other Michigan alums no matter where in the US you are. We all know it’s better to watch the B1G game with other Wolverines and share the maize and blue pride rather than yelling at the TV by yourself.


Although Michigan is a public school, much of the student body comes from out of state. If you’ve ever taken a JetBlue plane you probably noticed it’s superb features: individual TVs, snacks and good vibes. Wonder why it’s better than most airlines? Because the founder, David Barger, is a Wolverine!


Newly graduated UMich alum Ellis Fried created this alternative snack option during his undergrad. Proteinbits is a natural, organic, yummy and healthy snack that you can grab on the go and eat whenever. I see these all over Ann Arbor at places like Salad UP and MVMNT Cycling — Ellis, you’re killing it!


The most beloved restaurant on all of campus was actually co-founded by a University of Michigan alum, Paul Saginaw. What better way to give back to Ann Arbor than to make the best reuben sandwiches in the world? Not to mention the baked goods, the matzo ball soup, the cheese, the bread — essentially, everything about Zingerman’s is perfection.


A group of five UMich students created this app to help users stay safe when they walk alone at one. Alarmed by the amount of campus alerts regarding crime and sexual assaults, Companion was born to help family, friends or public safety departments monitor students when they’re mobile. The invention won the Michigan Business Challenge in 2015 and has been use widely every since.

The iPod

Although Apple discontinued its collection of iPod products, UMich alum Tony Fadell changed the music industry when he invented it back in 2001. Can you imagine inventing something that revolutionary?

This is just a small list of all the amazing things Michigan students have created or are in the process of making. We pride ourselves on being the “Leaders and Best” and these start-ups, inventions and products just prove that statement true.

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