UMich ranked in top 25 best universities in the whole world

Honestly not surprised ’cause if ya haven’t heard—we’re the victors

The Times Higher Education released their World University 2018 Ranking today. The top 1,000 universities in the entire world are listed in order based on research, education, student life, teacher life and administration.

Wanna know what Michigan ranked? *drum roll* — #21!

Out of 1,000 worldwide universities, Michigan is the 21 best —that’s absurd, is it not?

Ohio State ranked #70. Sucks to suck.

Michigan State was #83, Wisconsin was #43, Rutgers was #172, and we even ranked higher than Dartmouth coming in at #89 — doesn’t really pay to be Ivy League, does it?

So if you’re feeling happy to be a Wolverine on the first day class as you visit the Ugli and sit in the Chem building again, here’s yet another reason to wear your blue and maize proudly.

University of Michigan