Every UMich freshman is guilty of doing this on the first day of school

Don’t worry freshies, we’ve all been there

The first day of class is finally among us —how exciting! That is, until you get homework and can’t procrastinate buying textbooks any longer.

While all UMich students equally dread the impending late nights at the library and look forward to tailgating their hearts — or liver— out on the weekend,  freshmen are definitely the most excited and nervous to start classes. Here are some of the most adorable and naive things you can spot freshmen doing this week. And before you heckle them for being “fresh meat,” remember that you were once in their shoes.

Checking the GPS on their phones to walk to class

Honestly, I did this for a month or so. Campus is weird.

Accidentally thought someone called them ugly when they were actually talking about the Ugli

"I think you have spent more time in libraries this week then I did my entire time at college." – @jsilverman22

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Common mistake. Unless they were actually calling you ugly.

Walking into the wrong lecture hall

Chem 1800 is not the same as the lecture hall in the Natural Science building.

Bought the most expensive version of the textbook, only to have their professor say it’s an optional purchase

Getting ready for the new year! #fall2017 #umich #annarbor #ulrichs #southuandchurch #610church #littlehouseinthecity

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*Face palm* you can still return it! I hope..

Got lost in the MLB/could only recognize it because it’s next to the Bell Tower

To be honest, I still get lost in that building and make efforts to avoid it.

Had to look up what the building abbreviations mean

It’s hard sometimes. WTF is EWRE?

Got on the wrong bus

Waiting for a bus? Ain't nobody got time for that! Drive Maven! #annarbor

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Diag to Diag? North Campus? Burlsey-Baits? Hmm…

Forgot classes start on a Tuesday and went to your first Monday class before realizing

I bet people of all ages did this today— you’re not alone! #LaborDay

Instagrammed this picture:

Yes, it is basic.

Freshmen, if you’re doing these things, it’s okay. We’re all going to tease you for a bit, but the truth is that all upperclassmen did the same things. I thought tailgates were hosted at frat chapter houses and walked all over campus trying to find them on my first game day (FYI, they’re all on Hill Street or nearby if you didn’t know that yet).

The confusion of UMich will start to fade away and the environment will become comfortable. It’s okay to look stupid and ask questions and take as many pics of the law quad as you want. I tend to have photo shoots there every other month. The best four years (or more if you’re lucky) of your life started today—welcome to the faM.

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