Surprise, the people of Michigan still hate Trump

Approval ratings have dipped below 30 percent

Michigan State University just released information from their most recent 'State of the State' survey, and we're not even taken aback. The survey asked Michiganders to share their opinion on President Trump's job performance on a scale of 'poor – excellent'

The survey, conducted by the Institute for Public Policy and Social Research, found that 28 percent of people surveyed said that Trump's work so far has been "excellent" or "good". However, 51 percent of people with brains also surveyed rated his performance as "poor".

We spoke with MSU student, Sierra Rehm to give her approval rating. She, like the majority of the state of Michigan, voted "poor." We asked if she was surprised to hear that his ratings are dropping, to which she said, "Not at all. Even though most of the state is pretty republican, I think that people are smart enough to realize that he's awful. Especially students. I think our voices are starting to be heard, and traveling up the chain."

Nearly 1,000 people were surveyed by phone this past April to July.

In a previous State of the State survey, his performance had an approval rating of around 31 percent. So far it's dropped by 3 percent, and honestly we can't wait to watch the rest of the downfall.

University of Michigan