Why living at Baits is actually the bee’s knees

No, really, it’s the BEST

With all this talk of a student actually raising money to move out of Baits II, I thought that I (a seasoned veteran of Baits) should answer the question: is Baits REALLY that bad? Spoiler alert: it's not that bad.

Baits is actually the perfect place to spend your freshman year! The feeling of not having any friends is reflected perfectly by the perpetually empty halls!

If you're looking to lose some weight, not only is Baits the furthest you can get from any University building, but daring to eat at the dining hall will be a reward earned only by a snowy trek uphill — talk about cardio!

If you are really interested in Ann Arbor wildlife, but only want the worst part of it to engage with you, you can always find a hawk outside.

It's not like you wanted to interact with the friendly central campus squirrels anyway. Or the people, but that's a conversation for another time.

Then there's the activity all Baits residents know and love — tennis! Living at Baits will give you access to a tennis court in the middle of nowhere that you don't know about until after your parents drop you off.

And don't worry, the absolute isolation you'll feel from living in a hall with unresponsive neighbors in the middle of nowhere won't at all affect the way you view the University of Michigan in the long run!

And you know you're going to have some good times on the BBB, when you meet the people in your building for the first time by being forcibly shoved against them and then awkwardly walking to your shared building without making any eye contact.

So welcome to the University of Michigan, freshmen, and enjoy your stay at Baits because we ran out of room on central and we definitely aren't forcing the sophomores to stay up here!

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