Obamas in the (Big) House?! Harbaugh wants Barack and Michelle as guest captains

Everyone’s favorite football coach, Jim Harbaugh, has reportedly invited the Obamas to be honorary captains this season and everyone’s freaking out

Although the process for “officially” asking former President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama to be guest honorary for this upcoming football season is seriously complicated and nothing has been confirmed, Harbaugh’s putting in serious effort to get them to come to Ann Arbor.

Harbaugh, who spent around 40 minutes chatting with the former president last year at the White House when at a congressional hearing for the Legal Services Corporation, has also become close with the famous couple, and would surely consider it a great success if they joined over 100,000 screaming fans at the Big House.

Although the former president is still a very busy man, it would be amazing if they could take a break from their packed schedules to stop in Ann Arbor.

Other former honorary captains include Big Sean, Lloyd Carr, and Tom Brady.

University of Michigan