Every kind of Snapchat story you see from your friends over summer break

If you’re not Snapchatting every second of summer, what are you doing?

Once school is out, it seems that more Snapchat stories are suddenly posted as everyone is away from one another. We have to keep each other informed somehow, right? Plus, without school we’re all doing fabulous things that need to be documented at every moment. That’s what Snapchat’s all about, bragging about our lives to whoever follows us.

That being said, there are a few stories you get used to seeing over and over again throughout summer and here’s the breakdown:

The ‘I’m studying abroad,¬†haha suckers!’ story

Wow, really? You went abroad? Shocking. I didn’t get that from your 900 Facebook posts, 2,000+ Instagram pictures and the occasional tweet. I really needed that reminder of where you were on Snapchat too. But then again, I’m just jealous cause I’m in the States, sitting at home, watching The Bachelorette, pretending I don’t actually like the show when in all reality I count down the hours to 8:00 p.m. every Monday.

To those studying abroad, brag about it all you want. Live it up, everyone else is just cranky and jealous.

The ‘My internship is cooler than yours’ story

If you’re like me, you’re interning near home, probably through familial or friendly connections and hopefully getting paid to make some extra pocket change. But there are the lucky ones that jet set off to D.C or New York, Los Angeles maybe and have the coolest internship ever. And they know it. They’re constantly snapping the employee catered lunch or the amazing expenditures they take with their boss, the freebies they’re gifted without reason and you can’t help but think, why not me?

Don’t worry to those with lamer jobs, it’s just summer!

The ‘Do you drink bro?’ story

We all have a friend on Snapchat that has posted every night since school got out at some club, taking shots, getting wasted and is out until 4:00 a.m. daily. Not sure if this is one to be jealous of or concerned about? I guess it depends on the person.

The ‘home for summer’ story

As soon as people get home, they love to snap their first home made meal. And their favorite neighborhood restaurant. And their high school. And their middle school. And their elementary school. And the stop sign at the end of the street. And the scratch on the floor that they missed so much. We get it dude, you missed home. You’re also in college, ease up a bit.

Don’t even ask me how many dogs I’ve seen on people’s stories.

The ‘I’m still in Ann Arbor’ story

We all have friends that are still at Michigan¬†over summer and all those at home are extremely envious. Trust me, I wish I could walk over to Brown Jug right now and have a plate full of Jug fries or a four dollar burger at Charley’s on Thursdays but alas, I’ll have to wait for school to do all that.

Those doing spring term or summer term love to show everyone that they’re doing all the classic Ann Arbor things – walking in the Arb, heading to Fred’s, even studying in the Ugli is a bit nostalgic to those at home looking at these stories. Let’s admit it, we may miss home but we all just want to be at school, forever, and never graduate or be a real person.

The ‘I’m so fit’ story

Some people just love to brag about going to the gym. Or maybe they’re just proving that they went. But we all have that one person on our snap feed that is at the gym every single day, flexing their muscles in the mirror and proving that they’re fit.

Regardless of what category your story falls under, enjoy every day of summer. It’s not often we don’t have to be stuck in the Ugli doing hours and hours of homework and enjoy life without snow. Before we know it, it’ll be September again and we’ll be back sharing stories of Charley’s, Rick’s, the Ref Room, and Fred’s.

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