The best brunch spots in Ann Arbor

‘Cause we all know brunch is the best meal of the day

When you come to Ann Arbor, you may not be a brunch person, but when you leave Ann Arbor, you will be. Brunch in Ann Arbor is an essential way to spend a weekend morning as a Wolverine. And why? Because brunch is simply the best meal there is. You get what you love about breakfast and combine it with your love of lunch, add some delicious coffee and boom, brunch. There’s no way not to be happy. There will be a wait for all brunch spots on weekends but keep it mind the eggs, warm toast, french fries and other yummy food that is going to be in your mouth soon.

Here are some of the top brunch spots in Ann Arbor:


Angelo’s… the classic breakfast spot. It’s a bit of a walk as it’s tucked behind campus a little bit but convenient if you live on The Hill or near The Hill. Angelo’s is full of friendly-vibes and is 100 percent worth the wait. What to order? I don’t care, just get toast. And then buy a loaf of bread. Or two.

a (cinnamon raisin) toast to finals almost being over!!!! #pushthru? u got dis but food will be there for u if u fail lols #spoonum #spoonfeed

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Café Zola

OK this place is definitely a walk (I’m talking near Main Street) but majorly worth it. I’m talking the most picturesque crepes and waffles. It’s a little bit pricey but every now and then you gotta treat yourself.

Zola's most popular sweet crepe!The Nutella Banana is filled with fresh banana slices, drizzled with Nutella and raspberry sauce and topped with vanilla ice cream, toasted almonds, powdered sugar and whip cream!

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If you like warm biscuits for brunch, Benny’s is your place. I swear they serve the most melt-in-your-mouth biscuits I’ve ever consumed. On top of that, it just feels like home. Benny will introduce himself to you and make sure you’re seated quickly, you’ll feel like you’re being treated well. It’s off campus but worth the drive or Uber trip.

I had to document my first experience eating here !!

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Apparently Ann Arbor has a thing with using real names for brunch spots. Regardless, Fred’s is where you go to release your inner basic Instagram girl that needs an Acai bowl or avocado toast to live. Yes, it’s one of the most basic places I’ve ever eaten at but the food is so good that I make a point to go every other weekend.

Dem bowls dat table ? @fredslol @sarellis #familylunch

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AMa Bistro

AMa has a great location on South State Street in Downtown Ann Arbor and the restaurant feels nice and cozy. Their menu is packed with literally every imaginable option including Albanian dishes. I highly recommend the Furghessa, which I can’t pronounce correctly but veggies + ricotta cheese + eggs, what could be bad? And if you’ve got a sweet tooth at brunch time, their french toast and waffles are decadent.

Breakfast GOALS | UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN | #imshtuffed ?: @eat_this_

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Everyone knows about Sava’s when coming to Ann Arbor and their brunch is spectacular. If you’re willing to pay big, go hungry and and do their buffet menu cause it’s all-you-can-eat and bottomless mimosas. 😉

And the brunch buffet menu for the week is…. Southwest salad, corn and bean salsa, fried tortillas, cilantro, cotija cheese, chipotle ranch Strata: bacon, dearborn ham, american cheese White Strata: wild mushrooms, white truffle oil, pecorino cheese Egg Bake: sweet bell peppers, onions, spinach, fresh mozzarella Meat Hash: andouille sausage, bell peppers, sweet onions, swiss cheese Veg Hash: broccoli, cauliflower, squash, bell peppers, tomato, spinach, garlic, chili flake, feta cheese Meat: BBQ chicken thighs, roasted potatoes, parmesan, thyme, rosemary Fish: fried catfish, hominy grits with roasted garlic and smoked gouda Veg: stuffed wild mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes, goat cheese, roasted garlic, béchamel Deviled Eggs: whipped cream cheese, brown sugar, sweet chili sauce, sriracha, bacon Photo cred: @paulyisyourpal . . . . #OnTheTable #VisitAnnArbor #AnnArbor #AnnArborEats #Foodstagram #FoodVSCO #OnMyTable #InTheKitchen #52Grams #GoodEats #NomNomNom #LoveFood #HeresMyFood #Savco #PoweredBySavco

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Afternoon Delight

Ever had frozen yogurt for brunch? Yeah, that’s right. At Afternoon Delight you can get a muffin the size of your head topped with delicious frozen yogurt. You have to eat it to believe it.

spoon tip: ask for your muffin grilled!! #spoonum #eAAts #spoonfeed

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