We asked if our parents knew what 4/20 was

Plot twist, it’s not just a fraction.

Every year, stoners and amateur potheads alike celebrate 4/20, from gatherings on San Francisco’s Hippie Hill, to pro-legalization marches across the country. To celebrate this illustrious holiday, and maybe just to procrastinate finals, we texted our parents and asked if they knew what 4/20 was.

And, well, we got some fun answers.

Isn’t it just a date? 

A birthday perhaps? 

Yes, I swear it’s a birthday… 

Wait, maybe not…

And it’s not a number… 

This parent even imparted some knowledge on the holiday to us

And the classic worried parent


Needless to say, if you’re celebrating, enjoy. And if you’re stuck at the library, trapped until your exams, good luck. Either way, happy 4/20!

University of Michigan